Core Credit

Cobalt Core Credit offers a centralised credit management tool for all relationship types, including bilateral and primed flow, and be used by banks, prime brokers, prime clients and direct clients. This allows owners of credit to gain control and manage lines more efficiently and ensure all users have real time monitoring tools.

Our credit module offers a solution that meets related principles in the FX Global Code and ensures all members can view their credit exposure with their counterparties at any given time.

Relationship types monitored

  • Bilateral
  • Disclosed DN relationships
  • Undisclosed central counterparty relationships
  • Four-way

Credit lines available

  • NOP – Net Longs, shorts or greater of
  • DSL – Net Longs, shorts or greater of
  • Gross
  • Margin

Dynamic Distribution

  • Enables dynamic distribution of credit from the central credit management solution
  • Eliminates over allocation of credit lines
  • Allows for unwinding of positions